MBOX Publicity map - No More Insects This Summer!

No More Insects This Summer!

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Imagine yourself going on a pick nick, going outside with your friends into the mountains or going camping. Insects are everywhere; even though some are harmless there are mosquitos that are blood thirsty for your blood! Rest assured since we have the solution for you! Thousands have been before you and we have actual results […]

20170622151926 - Mosquito trap comparison

Mosquito trap comparison

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Biogents Attractants In Cooperation with Biogents we have implemented their sweet scent attractants into our traps. With their research & testing of the product we have confirmed that our trap has an increased efficacy in catching tiger mosquitos. Please see the image below for more information regarding the research setup and comparison with other traps. […]

20170622141907 - Chasing our Dream

Chasing our Dream

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Why did we develop the Mosquito Box. Our main reason for developing the mosquito box has been started from a tragic story, a story that turned into a dream to be able to protect the people around you from mosquito diseases. With our population increasing and with more and more people living in dense urbanized […]

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Mosquito Trap Reviews

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                   Mosquitos are some of the most bothersome flying pests and can drive you indoors, when you would otherwise be enjoying the deck or patio during the warmer months. Taking care of these pesky creatures can be a challenge. There are many chemical products available that kill mosquitos but they return as fast as they […]

Mosquito Trap Indoor 2 - Urban Mosquito Fighters

Urban Mosquito Fighters

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So you are living in an urban environment. There would be many buildings, many folks and a lot of mosquitoes flying around sucking everyone and transferring diseases. You never know if your neighbor has HIV or any other diseases, mosquito bites your neighbor and after if you get bit, the only happy one here is […]