28 1 - Love Too Late

Love Too Late

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There was a girl at school, and she is anti social and has low self esteem, and a boy, he fits in the crowd but he doesn’t enjoy the people he is around. The girl, she has a few friends, and one of them like this boy. One day she is with them, and her friend points him out and talks to him, the girl hides behind her friends pretending not to notice. The boy points her out and asks “who is that?” and they meet. After a few weeks they fall for each other, she tried her best not to, but he wouldn’t leave her, he had to know her.

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Sadly, one day her friends, friend told him he had to date her, or she would tell everyone a secret of his (an ex years back), so he agreed to date the girls friend. This broke the poor girls heart, she couldn’t be around him, so they stopped talking for a year. Then one night, the girl came knocking on his door, she had just been kicked out of home and had nowhere to go, so he let her in. She lived with him for 3 months, they both fell for each other again, but the boy refused to say anything, he didn’t want to hurt her again like last time, so it remained a secret.

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One afternoon she came home, she had tears in her eyes, he asked what was wrong. “My mum said I have to either move away, or she will make life difficult for you and your family, I chose to move, I can’t keep running from her.” The boy didn’t know what to do, he hated the thought of losing her again. “Do whats best for you, if you need to leave, do it, but know you can always stay here”

She left for the airport a few weeks later, she kept trying to call the boy, but there was no answer. She kept looking at the door, hoping he would run in to take her away, or kiss her goodbye, but he never showed. She got on the plane in tears, heartbroken, leaving everything behind. When she arrived at her grandparents, she realised she had a missed call… It was the boy saying:

“I am sorry I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, I had the perfect scene for us to say goodbye, but then I realised this doesn’t have to be goodbye, you stay there for as long as you need, come visit when you can, and when your ready, come back to me, or I will come for you, because after all these years, I still love you, I want to be with you and I will do anything to make us happen and work. I love you, I would say it over and over to you if I could, so give me a call when you….”

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The call cut out, she tried to call, but there was no answer. She called his sister, and she answered hysterically, she was crying. “Whats wrong?” the girl asked in a shaky visit. “He’s dead, he was talking to you on the phone and standing on top of the building, they said he was leaving a message on his phone or something, and he died after being impaled on railing… He fell from the upstairs because he tired to catch the mosquito….He….. He’s dead… I want you to know you were everything to him, he loved you”.

She was very regretful that she didn’t buy a QM mosquito trap for him. Had she bought one, he wouldn’t be troubled by mosquitoes and wouldn’t be dead.

If God could turn back time, she will not hesistate to express her love and buy him a MBOX mosquito killer of QM

Now, along with my lover I buried MBOX indoor mosquito trap with him. MBOX will on behalf of the girl stay with the boy forever.

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